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Date: 12 June 2013

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17:40:30 bensix2

does rundeck spawns 1 jsch thread (or process) per host it has to run 1 job on ?

17:43:21 gschueler

in general: each exec/script step will use one Jsch connection to a node.

17:55:18 bensix2

yeah and does that mean 1 thread per connection or 1 process or else ?

17:56:18 gschueler

There are multiple threads involved, e.g. to read from the input, and to monitor the connection thread. if you use Sudo and the sudo-responder, there are additional threads

17:59:27 bensix2

i see

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21:13:40 Alex-SF

gschueler: you had a pretty nice write up wrt threading

21:14:13 Alex-SF

i can clean it up for better general consumption if that helps

22:18:59 flu-

Alex-SF: I’m hoping next week I can give the HA vagrant config a test drive

22:19:17 flu-

<– guy from the call last week

22:19:18 Alex-SF

great. looking forward to hear