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Date: 10 June 2013

Server: , Channel: #rundeck

13:22:36 rundeckuser7

hello! I have a problema with rundeck, coudl you help me please»>

13:23:03 rundeckuser7

Im testing the tool. I wrote a simple PERL script, just an echo

13:23:46 rundeckuser7

when I execute it with runDeck, i get: ailed dispatching to node localhost: error writing script to tempfile: /var/log/rundeck/perl (No such file or directory)

13:23:55 rundeckuser7


13:48:27 user45435

Hello I have a rundeck job that gets triggered via Jenkins. That job contains a script that runs a “make” command. If that make command fails it spits out an “error 1” it doesn’t error out the job. Do I have to catch that “make” error or something for it to recognize that the command failed ?

14:33:10 proppen

user45435: Did you try to write “set -x” on the row before? I’m not sure this is what you’re looking for but it might help you?