- Rundeck

Date: 07 June 2013

Server: , Channel: #rundeck

14:53:25 rundeckuser9

hi, i keep getting “num parameter is required” when trying to create a new job

14:53:42 rundeckuser9

from the web frontend

14:53:47 rundeckuser9

is there a fix for this?

15:24:48 gschueler

hi rundeckuser9 , can you file an issue with that error?

15:24:54 gschueler

I think I’ve seen it once before

15:26:18 rundeckuser9

gschueler: will do

15:27:07 rundeckuser9

in the meantime where do jobs get stored server side? is it in an xml that i can manually edit?

16:28:10 gschueler

rundeckuser9: jobs aren’t currently automatically written to disk, but that’s a common feature request. people usually automate job.xml import/export and checkin to a scm

19:28:43 Kzim

anyone use Salt with Rundeck ? :)