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Date: 04 June 2013

Server: , Channel: #rundeck

21:31:39 Alex-SF


22:02:02 bensix2

what’s the best way to provide a default resource file (with all hosts) ? should i use set project.resources.file in /etc/rundeck/ to a constant e.g /path/to/mysystemwide/resources.xml ? any best practice ?

22:35:12 bensix2

any idea anyone ?

22:35:27 gschueler

hi bensix2 , there is no default resource file for projects. however you could create a shared one, and configure each project to have a resolver that uses it

22:36:29 bensix2

gschueler: resolver ?

22:36:48 gschueler

sorry, i should say, a “resource model source”

22:53:49 bensix2

gschueler: yeah ok but that would still require the user to specify it in the field. was trying to rely on a default value so user could just inherit it.

22:54:44 bensix2

sounds like we cant use project.resources.file for that

22:57:30 Alex-SF

hi bensix2, i think you can accomplish what you need but it does assume provisioning the projects in a standard way

22:57:45 Alex-SF

e.g., to configure the to define that common model source

23:01:06 bensix2

so i could set project.resources.file in /etc/rundeck/ and NOT set it in /var/rundeck/projects/<myproject>/ ?

23:15:55 gschueler

actually, I think you could… I haven’t tried that functionality in a long time

23:27:37 Alex-SF

bensix2: were you asking if the resources file needed to be in a certain directory?