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Date: 08 May 2013

Server: , Channel: #rundeck

12:57:20 rundeckuser3

how do you resolve this error: NO JSP Support for /, did not find org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServlet

19:01:07 gschueler

hi rundeckuser3 it can be ignored

20:44:38 duriona

Question about creating a NodeExecutor script plugin?

21:03:05 Alex-SF

hi duriona

21:04:24 duriona

Hi I’m having a little trouble with creating my own NodeExecutor

21:04:52 Alex-SF

ok, are you creating a plugin of your own?

21:04:59 duriona

I followed the video on Vimeo and tryed to add a simple ssh, but I my script just hangs forever, any ideas

21:05:59 Alex-SF

ok you are using openssh ?

21:06:12 duriona in the contents of looks like this: #!/bin/bash

21:06:12 duriona

set -e

21:06:12 duriona


21:06:13 duriona


21:06:13 duriona


21:06:14 duriona


21:06:15 duriona


21:06:16 duriona

exit 0

21:06:33 duriona

the echo command works, but then ssh call doesn’t spit anything out and seems to just hang

21:07:28 Alex-SF

so you don’t see the output, “Command: … etc”?

21:07:42 duriona

That I do see, the next line I see nothing from

21:35:19 duriona

No dice, still just hangs