- Rundeck

Date: 03 May 2013

Server: , Channel: #rundeck

15:11:42 Stany

HI Can anyone help on rundeck setup please

15:48:54 Toger

: Is there a way to have all jobs output logged into a central file, so I can hoover it up w/LogStash?

18:26:23 lobstah

I inherited a rundeck server a while back. I issued a restart and discovered there are no longer any jobs listed.

18:26:30 lobstah

I have EBS snapshots of the system but when I bring those us, I also don’t see any jobs listed. Is there some place on the drive where I might find them?

18:50:33 Alex-SF

hi lobstah

18:50:52 Alex-SF

you could use the rd-jobs command to dump the jobs tat are in the database

18:51:03 Alex-SF

is this still a running instance?

18:51:32 Alex-SF

also, what version and does it use the embedded database?

19:41:29 lobstah

running 1.5.1, no database, just the file store.

19:41:38 lobstah

the web UI shows no jobs.

19:42:39 lobstah

rd-jobs gets an error. I’m over my head so excuse me if this i really basic:

19:42:40 lobstah

ERROR BaseFormAuthenticator: Form-based auth failed Error: Error making server request to Unable to authenticate user: admin