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Date: 23 April 2013

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22:36:13 silk

So i think this is a bad idea, but im trying to find documentation to agree with me. Is it a Bad Idea to define the same node in multiple projects?

22:36:47 silk

Im trying to find reference to only running a single job on a single node at a given time…. I thought I read it but cant find it again.

23:48:21 Alex-SF

hi silk

23:48:31 Alex-SF

no it’s not uncommon to represent the same host in more than one project

23:49:02 Alex-SF

there are a couple ways to run a job on a single node

23:49:07 silk

cool. was it my imagination that thought there was some locking internal to rundeck to prevent clashing job executions?

23:49:25 Alex-SF

yes, you can declare a job to allow multiple executions or not

23:49:42 silk

and thats the issue

23:49:52 silk

well, i think it is

23:50:16 silk

if I put a common host into X projects, then each one would need a seperate job?

23:50:30 silk

(ie jobs are scoped to projects)

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23:55:43 gschueler

silk: yes, jobs and nodes are both contained within a project, so they do not interact.

23:56:39 silk

right, so by putting a node into multiple projects there is no way to prevent a job clobbering another one if run from seperate projects (well, within Rundeck anyway)