- Rundeck

Date: 18 April 2013

Server: , Channel: #rundeck

15:45:18 ckm

and then yum install rundeck give me this: [sudo] password for chengkail:

15:45:18 ckm

Loaded plugins: fastestmirror

15:45:18 ckm

Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile

15:45:18 ckm

irclog rerun base:

15:45:18 ckm

irclog rerun epel:

15:45:19 ckm

irclog rerun extras:

15:45:19 ckm

irclog rerun updates:

15:45:20 ckm

Setting up Install Process

15:45:20 ckm

No package rundeck available.

15:45:21 ckm

Error: Nothing to do

18:41:24 mschmitt

is there a character limit in the node tag for a job?

20:26:01 ckm

it seems that rundeck on is pointing to 1.4.2, so any plan for upgrading that to the current 1.5?

20:49:57 gschueler

hi ckm that is the old rpm, the downloads page on specifies the newer location:

20:50:02 gschueler

we should remove the old one