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Date: 16 April 2013

Server: , Channel: #rundeck

15:45:23 ckm

I don’t see any stacktrace being generated, and here are last couple lines from the rundeck.log: 2013-04-16 08:40:06,374 [1870277025@qtp-2099901365-0] WARN - rdeck.base is: /etc/rundeck

15:45:23 ckm

2013-04-16 08:40:43,316 [1870277025@qtp-2099901365-0] INFO - scheduling immediate job run: TEMP:admin:1:28

15:45:23 ckm

2013-04-16 08:40:43,690 [quartzScheduler_Worker-1] ERROR - Execution failed: 28: [Workflow , Node failures: {krkenv05saapp1=[]}]

15:45:23 ckm

2013-04-16 08:40:43,770 [quartzScheduler_Worker-1] INFO - updated scheduled Execution

15:45:23 ckm

2013-04-16 08:41:02,017 [1870277025@qtp-2099901365-0] INFO - scheduling immediate job run: TEMP:admin:1:29

15:45:23 ckm

2013-04-16 08:41:02,103 [quartzScheduler_Worker-2] ERROR - Execution failed: 29: [Workflow , Node failures: {krkenv05saapp1=[]}]

15:46:00 Alex-SF

is “krkenv05saapp1” an example windows node?

15:46:07 ckm


15:46:25 ckm

I use winrs windows command to test that node, and it works just fine

15:46:27 Alex-SF

ok, so that’s related

15:46:36 ckm

relates to?

15:46:47 Alex-SF

oh the error in the stack trace is related to the winrm problem

15:47:30 Alex-SF

i’m not sure if configuring run deck log4j to DEBUG level will expose more info from the plugin

15:47:31 ckm

is this caused by incorrect version or configuration?

15:47:40 Alex-SF

i’m not sure. just trying to get more info

15:48:01 ckm

the previous paste I put on is already have debug turn on

15:48:15 Alex-SF

debug already set for log4j?

15:48:16 ckm

but it didn’t give more information

15:48:40 ckm

I set dropdown to debug when I ran the job

15:49:03 ckm

log level set to debug

15:49:09 Alex-SF

oh, that’s just the log level for the job. there is a global flag which turns on more debug in the service.log

15:49:25 ckm

how do I set it?

15:49:42 ckm

need to set from project.properteis file?

15:49:49 ckm


15:49:56 Alex-SF

no, it’s in RDECK_BASE/etc/

15:50:13 Alex-SF

is this a Launcher or RPM type install?

15:50:24 ckm

it is deb

15:50:33 Alex-SF

ok, similar to rpm then

15:50:53 ckm


15:51:09 ckm

how do I turn on debug from log4j?

15:51:22 Alex-SF

take a look for /etc/rundeck/

15:51:30 ckm

I am on it

15:51:51 Alex-SF

ok. set: log4j.rootCategory=DEBUG, file

15:52:25 ckm

so need to add this key?

15:52:26 ckm


15:52:45 Alex-SF

the current value will say INFO

15:53:01 ckm


15:53:35 Alex-SF

after changing it to DEBUG, go ahead and restart

15:53:42 ckm

I just did

15:53:47 ckm

I will run the job again

15:53:57 Alex-SF

ok, you should see a lot more messages in the service.log

15:55:36 ckm

this is what I got after DEBUG is set, 2013-04-16 08:52:02.667:/:INFO: Destroying Spring FrameworkServlet ‘gsp’

15:55:36 ckm

2013-04-16 08:52:02.691:/:INFO: Destroying Spring FrameworkServlet ‘grails’

15:55:36 ckm

2013-04-16 08:52:02.741:/:INFO: Closing Spring root WebApplicationContext

15:55:36 ckm

2013-04-16 08:52:02.845::INFO: Shutdown hook complete

15:55:36 ckm


15:55:37 ckm

WARNING: HTTPS is not enabled, specify -Drundeck.ssl.config=/etc/rundeck/server/config/ to enable.

15:55:37 ckm

2013-04-16 08:52:04.018::INFO: Logging to STDERR via org.mortbay.log.StdErrLog

15:55:37 ckm

2013-04-16 08:52:04.041::INFO: jetty-6.1.21

15:55:38 ckm

2013-04-16 08:52:04.140::INFO: NO JSP Support for /, did not find org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServlet

15:55:38 ckm

2013-04-16 08:52:04.964:/:INFO: Initializing Spring root WebApplicationContext

15:55:39 ckm

INFO BeanBuilder: [RuntimeConfiguration] Configuring data source for environment: PRODUCTION

15:55:39 ckm

WARN BootStrap: using rdeck.base system property: /etc/rundeck

15:55:40 ckm

INFO BootStrap: config: rdeck.base = /etc/rundeck

15:55:41 ckm

INFO BootStrap: loaded configuration: /etc/rundeck/

15:56:52 Alex-SF

looks like normal startup messages, so far

15:58:08 ckm

yes, not much information there

15:59:22 Alex-SF

did you already run a job to the windows node?

15:59:49 ckm


16:00:03 Alex-SF

ok. so yah it didn’t produce any extra error context

16:00:20 ckm


16:00:51 Alex-SF

ckm, did you post as “wildxy49”?

16:01:07 Alex-SF

(post to the google group)

16:01:10 ckm


16:01:16 Alex-SF

ok. just wanted to be sure

16:01:36 ckm

I post it there but no reply, that why I came over here

16:01:46 Alex-SF

i wonder if there is a problem with 1.5 with respect to that plugin.

16:02:04 Alex-SF

i know there are a couple people working on upgrading the plugin but i am not sure about their status

16:02:33 ckm

so this mean I may have to fallback to 1.4 for winrm

16:02:47 ckm

or I have to use ssh until the problem gets resolved

16:03:06 Alex-SF

they upgraded the plugin to use a newer version of the underlying library (overthere). I’ll reply to your post

16:05:29 ckm


20:19:47 gschueler

hi Diranged what is the problem?

20:20:53 Diranged


20:20:53 Diranged

20:21:08 Diranged

so thast my default.aclpolicy file… i have other policies that give specific groups access to specific projects.

20:21:33 Diranged

but what i have found is that this policy doesn’t work — i have to change the ‘.*’ to a specific group name to let people log into rundeck at all..

20:21:49 Diranged

I’m just confused about how to do a group wildcard..

20:29:44 gschueler

groups/users can’t use a wildcard

20:30:33 Diranged

really .. that should be documented .:)

20:30:41 Diranged

so how can i say “all groups” can log in.. or rather, all users can log in

20:31:52 gschueler

you would have to put all users in a default group, e.g. “users”, then add aclpolicy for that group

20:32:12 gschueler

for some reason

20:34:40 gschueler

can’t say there’s still a good reason for it. you should file an enhancement request to change that

20:41:06 Diranged


20:41:19 Diranged

for now i have a workaround.. but ill file a request

20:42:17 gschueler

ok. you can also list multiple groups instead, if you have a static list of them

20:43:50 Diranged

so i can just do 2 group lines?

20:44:05 Diranged

one right after the other?

20:49:07 gschueler

as shown here:

20:49:24 gschueler

using a yaml sequence

20:52:36 Diranged

ah thanks

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