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Date: 10 April 2013

Server: , Channel: #rundeck

01:01:03 rundeckuser7

Hey quick question - anyone using specific variables/options per node context for jobs

01:01:33 rundeckuser7

i.e same job, node1 uses value x node2 uses value y

01:04:13 rundeckuser7

… maybe not. Anyway I found attributes seem to work however I haven’t found any documentation: echo I am ${} on ${node.hostname}

01:05:36 rundeckuser7

echo ${node.somecustomattribute} works too if defined

01:05:49 rundeckuser7

just wondering if I am doing it all wrong :)

01:47:39 gschueler

hi rundeckuser7, if you have node-specific info, then using node attributes is a good way to do it

02:11:46 rundeckuser7

thanks, is it documented?

02:13:03 rundeckuser7

Bash falls over on a bad substitution presumably because of the dot in ${node.attribute}

02:13:22 rundeckuser7

when the attribute doesn’t exist

02:23:29 gschueler

rundeckuser7: yes, documentation is here:

04:01:06 rundeckuser7

ahh”context variables”